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The great dragons  Striagorn and  Erifarius have been created by the goddess Sheara to embody the power of each race. Now you can dedicate your life and fervor to to the great dragon by sacrificing goods to it.


Every player who brings goods to  Striagorn or  Erifarius will receive their protection for 2 hours. The dragons may also join you in your battles, give a special effect or hand out Great Dragon Reputation.

The dragons accept the following resources as offers:

All players from level 7 can get the Great Dragon Reputation by sacrificing goods to  Striagorn or  Erifarius. 
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The gods have always valued obedience in their followers. In this respect Faeo's deities of life and death, the goddess Aladeya and the nameless God of the Cursed and Dead, share a common interest: They appreciate the mortals' offerings as they show how much they are willing to give up just to win the favour of their god. But they don't let the praise and prayers go unanswered and reward the people with blessings and gifts.


The two new quests Sacrifice to Aladeya and Sacrifice to the God of the Cursed and the Dead let you offer up different items to the deities at their altars.

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 New Quest: For Candle Wax08.10.2010 13:48

There are problems in the workshop. Difficult and tricky orders are piling up. For example, a consignment of candles needs to be sent to an important client, but not any ordinary candles - candles made from Zigred wax. The craftsman does not have enough wax in stock, so he has to rely on your help.


This is a quest for those who are not afraid of Zigreds or allergic to them, as you will have to go into the newly discovered Zigred Hive. Your help is needed, head to  Soygura the Craftswoman or  Ostap the Craftsman to help them!

The quest For Candle Wax is available for all warriors from level 4 onward who have already talked to Ikvan during the quest An Innocent Victim. Talk to  Ostap the Cratfsman on Daylight Square or  Soygura the Craftswoman on the Square of Fire to start the quest.
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The Philosopher's Stone is an object that is searched for constantly by all scientists. Only experienced alchemists understand its mysterious nature and know about its correct use. Until recently it was not even known whether the Philosopher's Stone really existed or if it was one of the myths of Faeo.


But now there are reports that some warriors have found these stones.  Cagliostro and  Veddun are extremely interested in obtaining these stones as they want to use them for their experiments. Rumor has it that they might be able to create gold from normal lead. Bring your Philosopher's Stones to the alchemists to gain a great reward and to do something for the progress of science.


All players from level 4 who have found a Philosopher's Stone can take part in the quest Riddle of the Philosopher's Stone. Talk to   Cagliostro or  Veddun in the Guild of Artisans in your capital city square.
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 New Quest: Innocent Victim20.09.2010 12:11

 Poker and  Cardsharp are well known for being jolly guys who always like to play a game. But this time it is not about trying your luck in a game of cards, this time you need to help them!



A group of peasants has abducted a friend of  Poker and  Cardsharp while he was visiting them in the pub. Help them and you will get a great reward. But make sure you are not allergic to bites of Zigreds, this quest will lead you right into the Zigred Hive!

To start the quest players from level 4 should speak to  Poker in the The Gurraldiy's Head pub or to  Cardsharp in Mary's Tavern.

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 New Quest: Frisky Zinka03.05.2010 10:33

 Ruler Onufir and  Ruler Pireney have a goat that is very dear to them and that provides them with lots of milk. This goat, its name is Zinka, is an extremely fidgety animal, it will not stand still for a minute. To channel its energy the ruler takes it for long walks through the lands of Faeo every day.


But now the ruler is ill and he needs someone to help him. You don't even have to walk the goat, as you can saddle it and ride on its back. Have you ever ridden on the back of a goat? Does this sound like fun?

All warriors from level 3 can talk to  Ruler Onufir in Fort Dybrach or to  Ruler Pireney in the Settlement of Buimar. No riding skill is required!
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 36)

Warriors, are you good at solving riddles? Your help is needed; and with a bit of luck you can provide a great service!


 Vessen the Druid and  Khorsungum are trying to figure out a new spell. They need to activate a mysterious disk called Kraze Ayred with the help of precious stones. But so far they have not been successful. Maybe it is not so much about having the knowledge that Vessen and Khorsungum certainly have, but about luck. Do you want to try your luck?

To start the quest Kraze Ayred warriors from level 7 should talk to  Vessen the Druid in Wolf Wasteland or to  Khorsungum in the Gorge of Gondi.
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Some of the bravest  Human and  Magmar warriors have started to take an interest in the eternal war taking place between the ancient races of Eldives and Kroffdors. They have started to join these two enemy armies and are now eager to fight against their new enemies.

Are you one of the new members of the Eldive army? It is now your task to procure Centridos from Kroffdors you have killed, in order to prevent the Kroffdor from being reborn. You are now ready to take part in a secret Eldive ritual which will enable you to procure the Centridos more easily.

When you burn the Procured Centridos in a Prozio or an Antizio you can gain Eldive Reputation.

Or have you decided to be part of the Kroffdor army? In that case you need to procure Incarnums, the heart-like organs of the Eldives which enable them to be reborn, in order to prevent that. You can take part in a ritual that will increase your Incarnum procurements skills.

If you burn the procured Incarnums in a Davagar or Nevagar you will receive Kroffdor Reputation.

To take part in the Centrido Procurement Ritual warriors from level 11 who have already passed the Eldive Initiation should talk to  Chooli-a-Veyna in the Riverhead of Wrath or to  Fairy-a-Maiya at the Eldives' Outpost.

The Incarnum Procurement Ritual is open for all warriors from level 11 who have passed the Kroffdor quest  Ordeal by Blood and can be performed by  Dimedora in The Kroffdors' Warcamp or  Reodora in the Village of Tremor.

To be continued...
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 2)

Far in the North a holy war has been waged for centuries now – the war between the ancient races of the Kroffdors and the Eldives. So far this has gone pretty much unnoticed by  Magmars and  Humans.



But as a true warrior you have a heightened sensitivity towards bloodshed and war and you feel drawn to any potential conflict. Both the Kroffdor and the Eldive armies are desperate to gain an advantage in this eternal war and so they invite passing warriors to join them. However, these armies are not looking for just anyone, only high level warriors can join and they should be prepared to perform difficult tasks.

 Chooli-a-Veyna at the Riverhead of Wrath and  Fairy-a-Maiya at the Eldives Outpost can tell all warriors from level 11 more about the Initiation to the army of the Eldives, your chance to gain Eldive reputation.

If you are interested in helping the Kroffdors and receiving Kroffdor reputation and you are level 11 or above, take the quest Ordeal by Blood from  Dimedora in The Kroffdors' Warcamp and  Reodora in the Village of Tremor.

To be continued...

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 10)

Provocateurs who are trying to undermine the fighting spirit of the warriors of Faeo by distributing pamphlets in the capital cities are a constant threat against which you fight regularly. During one such fight you notice that one of the provocateurs you killed has dropped a letter.


As a curious and attentive citizen of your nation you open the letter and read it. It turns out that this letter indicates where and when the next consignment of incendiary propaganda will be delivered. You know instantly that you hold an important piece of information in your hands. You can stop the provocateurs from receiving their pamphlets! You know what you must do to fulfill your duty as a citizen.

All players from level 4 can start the quest Fighting the Provocateurs by reading the letter you receive during the event The Provocateur's Voice.
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 21)

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