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 New Quest: Nurturing a Corvus04.03.2010 03:15

Warriors of Faeo, in the quest Big Little Loss you have received a Corvus Egg. Now it is time to get this egg hatched and to nurture your Corvus so that you can eventually use it as a mount.

Would you like to ride through the lands of Faeo sitting on the back of an enormously huge bird and to get help from that beast in your fights? It is a great experience and you have the egg that can turn into such a bird. But be prepared, that is not an easy task. How will you make the Corvus hatch, how can you provide the temperature the egg needs for that? And what food should you use to make sure your Corvus chick grows so that you can use it? To find out you will need some help from the experts. At first talk to  Arnica the Horsewoman or to  Orfin the Beatmaster.


To start the quest "Nurturing a Corvus" talk to  Arnica in Wirgold Estate or to  Orfin in Mentaliya Foothills.

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 29)

Executioners of Faeo,  Agonny the Mad and the  Black Knight have been victims of a swindler. Will you help them to take revenge?


You will be dragged into a detective story, playing the role of spy and avenger. Not only do you have to punish a dealer in counterfeit Executioner Potion, you must also find the site where this potion is being produced.

If your executioner level is 30 or above and you are at least level 6, talk to  Agonny the Mad in Steppe Vista and the  Black Knight in Ridge of Darkness to start this quest.

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 9)

 New Quest: No Sweat!27.01.2010 05:34

Warriors, have you ever thought of becoming a bartender?


Here is your chance:  Givens, the landlord of The Gurraldiy's Head and  Voluptuous Mary from Mary's Pub need to leave their pubs alone for a short while to get new supplies from the port. Since you are quite a regular customer in the pub they know you very well. Unlike the usual drunkards who hang around in the pub all the time you are trustworthy. So they ask you to help out behind the bar for a while. Are you willing to do this and are you capable of serving all the customers with their favorite drinks?

To get a chance to show their bartender qualities, warriors from level 5 should speak to  Givens in The Gurraldiy's Head in County Vurdaliya and to  Voluptuous Mary in Mary's Pub in Baurvil Hamlet.

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 28)

 New Quest: Tleasule Tsest08.12.2009 08:21

As a frequent visitor of your pub you have often wondered what this chest standing in the corner might be used for. And after a few beers you have started dreaming: What if you could use the chest for storing your items, so that you would just have to visit the pub whenever you need something.


According to rumors the chest is currently full of useless toys owned by a young yeti. Wouldn't it be much more suitable for your valuable items? Why don't you talk to  Givens and  Mary to find out if there is any chance you could use this chest?

This quest is available for all warriors from level 3. In order to start the quest, speak to  Givens in the Gurraldiy's Head pub in County Vurdaliya and to  Voluptuous Mary in Mary's Tavern in the Baurvil Hamlet.
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 30)

Warriors of Faeo, head to your Antiquarian, he needs your help!  


Your Antiquarian has received a very curious ancient book. But as soon as he tried to open it, it
fell apart and the text literally evaporated from the pages! He believes that it contains important information about the monsters of Faeo. Can you help him to restore the book?

All Players from level 2 can help. Talk to  Menachem in the Valley of Fire and to  Samary in the Outskirts of Klesva.

Author: Drolevil  More (comments: 27)

 New Quest: Big Little Loss10.11.2009 02:43

You have all shown that you are great and brave warriors, but this time your detective skills are needed.


After having drunk a little too much in the taverns,  Wanderer Lindszey and  Traveller Kovey have lost their knives, which are very important to them. It turns out that someone in the pub must have stolen the knife. Will you be able to find the thief and bring the knife back to the owner? Who will be the master detective of Faeo? A great reward is waiting for you and there will be a sequel to this quest after the next update.

Players from level 6 can show their detective skills by talking to  Traveller Kovey in Mary's Pub in the Baurvill Hamlet and  Wanderer Lindszey at The Gurraldiy's Head in County Vurdalíya.
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 24)

 New Quest: Hunting the Hunter02.11.2009 07:42

A new quest is available for all players from level 3: Hunting the Hunter.


 Elder Baguron and  Warlord Gidver need your help as there is a huge danger for peace in the nations of Faeo: Virleym Avargon, a villain who sold his soul to a pack of merciless hounds has returned and if he is not stopped he will bring terror and death to everyone. Help to find and stop this menace! You will not only show  that you are the one to be trusted with that important task, you will also receive the Wolfer Talon Guidebook as a reward.

If you have already reched level 3 and you are willing to help to find and stop this evil villain, then visit  Warlord Gidver in the Dartrong Arena and  Elder Baguron on O'Delvays City Square.
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 21)

Warriors, who wouldn't like to find a treasure one day? Here is your chance to retireve an ancient pirate treasure, for you've found out about a mysterious compass, brought to the surface from the seabed by the sea-dwellers. 

Interested by this captivating item, you decide to seek the Antiquarian's advice. He tells you that the compass holds the key to a pirate’s buried treasure. Being a true adventurer, you set off in search of the treasure!
No monster and no pirate shall stand between you and your fortune! 

If you are level 8 and no fifteen men on a dead man's chest can stop you, then visit   Maeli in the Sly Cove and  Sorena at the Lumirya Waterfall.
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!

Author: LowkeyLyesmith  More (comments: 10)

 New quests available18.06.2009 11:56

 Horror in the Well 

Something is rotten in the  Gorge of Chernag, warriors! It seems Sugor the Minstrel has lost a valuable fibula in a well at the Village of Zviglod. Now he depends on your help if he's ever to retrieve his precious fibula again. He reports of some horrible being dwelling at the bottom of the well. 

Please help the sensitive artist to recover from his loss again and investigate the horrors waiting in the well!
If you have already reached level 2 and fight for the Magmars, you should pay a visit to  Sugor the Minstrel in the Gorge of Chernag and assist him in his distress! 

 Mouse Attack

The Peasants supply our troops with much-needed food. They struggle to survive and often have to face droughts or fend off vermin. Just now,   Ikvan the Peasant has got a problem: his crops are constantly being attacked by hordes of mice. The neighbouring Miller has told the Peasant what he should do but it requires some Kretch whiskers. 

The Peasant can't get them himself and has asked you to help.
If you have already reached level 2 and fight for the Humans, you should go to the Windmills and speak to  Ikvan the Peasant. 
Author: LowkeyLyesmith  More (comments: 4)

A warrior is valiant, brave, cunning and his enemies' true nemesis! But a warrior is also chivalrous and lends a hand and a sword to a damsel in distress, or a damsel's admirer in distress... Are you so selfless, warrior? 

If you really are up to the task and have already reached the 9th level, visit your favorite Tavern and have a little chat with Ameli or  Layla at the  Baurville Hamlet and  County of Vurdaliya, but be prepared to encounter and overcome many a danger!
Author: LowkeyLyesmith  More (comments: 9)

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