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Warriors, the charming fortune tellers  Maritsa and  Bludiara have often provided valuable intelligence, helping the armies in their struggle against the forces of Chaos. Now they both have seen a most  unsettling prophecy an are in dire need of a warrior's help, sensing impending doom. 

Will you help the fortune tellers, will you protect them from the impending menace? Then make haste to the  Thistle Brushwood and the  Settlement Angrukhon and have a chat with  Bludiara and    Maritsa!
Author: LowkeyLyesmith  More (comments: 6)

A quiet and peaceful time at the tavern after a long day of running errands for wizards, talking to ancient lizards and struggling not to end up in a Gryphon's gizzard is what you were looking for when you stopped by at the tavern. But the atmosphere is not as convivial as you've expected. Tension is in the air, and again, the Bouncer seems to be the eye of the storm, so it's up to you to come and help   Givens or  Voluptuous Mary, for you are the undisputed fistfighting Champion! 

This quest is available for warriors who already have finished the Quest "Fist Fights" and are now eager to teach the Bouncer a lesson and to restore peace in your favorite drinking hole!
The reward for helping the desperate proprietors is remarkable! 


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Warriors, have you visited the tavern of late? You probably have had a mug of beer or two... and were you not annoyed by those beefcakes in the ring and the admiring glances everyone was shooting at them? Champions... Amateurs, in your opinion! They couldn't last a round, if you'd introduce them to your mitts, or would they?

That Bouncer dared you to take part in some bareknuckle contest he is organising. Prove that everybody calling you "weak" is gravely mistaken and win the prizes offered for this tournament.
If you have already reached level 3, stop by at the tavern in the locations  County of Vurdaliya and  Baurvill Hamlet and have a chat with the Bouncers. Good luck and good fight, warriors!

Author: LowkeyLyesmith  More (comments: 21)

After Balthazar's banishment from the abandoned house, the Demonologists thoroughly searched the property and found a mysterious ring which, they believe, belonged to Balthazar himself. It seems that the ring possesses an astonishing power which, through a special ritual, could be released and turned to serve a warrior. 

If you want to become the owner of the magic ring, make haste to gather the ingredients required for the ritual! You should be level 5 to take the quest from  I-Vidi in the Grand Fort Suburbs and  Berrush who inhabits the Faytvor Suburbs.
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Warriors, you sure do remember Balthazar, the evil demon summoned by the luckless Demonologists. You and your friends have managed to cut the vile beast's tail and to hand it over to the Demonologists, risking your life for the good of Faeo.

The Demonologists need your help again to banish this dangerous demon from our realm once and for all time. If you are up to the task and have already reached level 5, visit the Demonologist  I-Vidi at his dwelling in the Grand Fort Suburbs and the Demonologist  Berrush at his house in the Faytvor Suburbs and help them to obtain the ingredients they require for the ritual of banishment.

Balthazar's story will continue...   
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Warriors, the Warlords of your nations have received intelligence of the opposite side's recent activities. A major battle is going to happen, as both nations try everything to muster as large an army as possible. Your civic duty is to offer your assistance, to spread the word and take decisive action to ensure your nations triumph in the battle to come! 

Visit the Warlords  Damirus and  Gidver at their offices in O'Delvays and Dartrong respectively and prove you are a true patriot and a disciplined soldier. 
The quest is available for warriors of level 4 and above.
The Warlords' offices can be found in the Arenas of  O'Delvays and  Dartrong.
Author: LowkeyLyesmith  More (comments: 17)

 Invasion of Monsters09.04.2009 16:51

What do you like to do with your spare time? Perhaps you like to unwind in the pub with a glass or two of ale or pear wine, or perhaps you like to head to the coast to indulge in some idle chitter-chatter with a well-known sailor... Not this time! A horde of crazy monsters is heading for the city and you have to defend it! Every warrior, young or old, veteran or novice, must do their bit, including you! Go and speak with the Landlord and the Seafarer, but don't stand around, because you must go straight into battle!


Baird, a real old sea dog Givens, a real ale lover!


The quest is open from level 1. It can be taken from Humans Baird the Seafarer or Magmars Givens the Landlord.

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 Bow Down, Mighty Relic Seekers!09.04.2009 16:50

The world is full of antiques' lovers and recent events have proven that their passion for collecting relics shows no sign of abating. After -AXE- became the first Faean to reach a prestigious 3000 Relic Seekers reputation, the antique dealers,  Samary and  Menachem, have decided to set a new challenge to the best Relic Seekers in the land. They are prepared to reward those who complete the challenge with the Medal of Worship, bestowing upon the lucky recipient the chance to purchase the mighty Solumir's Enchanted Mirror.


Samary Menachem

Let these warriors be an inspiration to all who seek glory in the finer things in life!

Quest open to those with at least 3000 Relic Seekers reputation.

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 An Uncooperative Chest03.04.2009 09:01

We're delighted to inform you of Faeo's first logical quest, which is open to warriors of level 4 and above.


Stavros the Blacksmith. He has a Greek grandfather. Tungur the Blacksmith. He has a, er, well, don't ask about his grandfather.


What would you do if you found a mysterious chest in your attic which you had no way of getting into? Of course, curiosity would get the better of you and you would try and open it any way possible! Just such a thing has happened to one of the blacksmith's friends! In front of a crowd of family and friends he set about turning the coloured cogs, but...nothing. So he asked the blacksmith to help him out and smash a way into the chest. But, again, nothing! The chest seems to be so strong that the blacksmith's blows have not even left a scratch. Tired and frustrated, the blacksmith has now turned to you for help.

The quest can be taken from  Stavros and  Tungur the Blacksmiths, living on the Luan Coast and in the Ancestral Mountains, respectively.

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 Fallen King Magish's Spear04.03.2009 13:07

Oh how the mighty fall! By now, everyone knows the dark, terrifying, at times, sad story of King Magish, the Dark Governor and Devourer of Souls, who sold his soul to the God of All the Dead and the Damned.

Recently, intrepid warriors campaigning in the bricked-up walls of his former palace have made some fascinating archaeological finds, namely pieces of King Magish's spear.

But the Dark Governor's spear is not the sort of weapon that should be left lying around now it has been uncovered. Steps must be taken to recover all parts of the spear and exorcise the evil power it possesses...

Find the parts of the spear and take them to Shiko the Paladin in the  Royal Tomb or the  Tomb of Kings to seek his advice.

Quest open to level 6 and above.

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