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 Find the Spies of your Enemies09.08.2011 08:40

Warfare is not only about fighting, it is also about tactics and about finding out what tactics your enemies use. So in the war between  Humans and  Magmars spies from both sides play a crucial role.  Commander Norias and  Centurion Mekden have recently spotted spies nearby and are worried that they might pose  a grave danger. Can you help eliminating them?

 Commander Norias in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Centurion Mekden in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons 

The spies are not extremely strong but they might be difficult to find. So this is a job for the younger warriors of the levels 2 to 5. They should speak to  Commander Norias or  Centurion Mekden to find out how to help. Their task is not only to kill the spies but to find as much information as possible about why spies have recently come to the area around the  Smoky Knolls and the  Free Meadows and what their plans are.

The quests Find the Human Spies and Find The Magmar Spies are available for warriors of the levels 2 to 5 and can be repeated once every month.  Magmars should speak to  Commander Norias,  Humans should speak to  Centurion Mekden.

Author: Cross Knight, editor note: Cross Knight

21. Shotgundan102 13.08.2011 13:07
to find spy, HUNT for blue/red person level 3
22. Catchamouse 14.08.2011 12:07
Good quest to easy get into magmars.
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