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 Study the Mercury Mirror treatise10.08.2011 07:01

In a remote corner of the Old Library in the Fortress of Captivity on the Isles of Fay-Go warriors have found an old and dusty book. After removing the dust from its cover they were able to decipher the title: Mercury Mirror Treatise. However, they were unable to understand the contents of the book. But since its title suggests it describes a way how to make Mercury Mirrors it is time to bring it to an expert!

 Pandrik the Wise in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Flavviy the Wise in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons 

 Pandrik and  Flavviy are known all over Faeo for their wisdom. They are willing to help you with the Mercury Mirror Treatise. If you speak to them you will find out what to you need to do to in order to produce Mercury Mirrors.


These mirrors can retain the image of anybody who has been reflected in them once. With the help of one of the following amulets of reflection you can remove the reflections from the mirror and incarnate them as wraiths of powerful warriors that will help their master in combat:


Warriors from level 5 with a Secret Knowledge of 11 or above can purchase the Mercury Mirror Treatise in the Old Library in the Fortress of Captivity.  Pandrik the Wise and  Flavviy the Wise will help to decipher the treatise so you can produce your own Mercury Mirrors.

Author: Cross Knight, editor note: Cross Knight

1. JONNY NITRO 10.08.2011 12:35
cool the thing i don t like is i am not lvl5:cry:if well be untill i well be lvl­ 5 well be a :cool: thing.
2. Jum 10.08.2011 13:38
At last.. this treatise already on my backpack for month :)
3. MightyGod 10.08.2011 16:32
hmm :horsy: awseome.... :grr:
4. Jubie 10.08.2011 20:36
More pile of papers pls... with sk +1
5. -vox- 11.08.2011 21:03
oh man! there's so much to do at lvl 5!!

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