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 New Quest: Toys for Bugah05.10.2011 12:45

Do you remember Bugah, the little Yeti that has been adopted by the landlords of your favorite pubs in the quest Tleasule Tsest? Bugah is still living in the pub but he has grown and he is very bored and envious of the children who have great toys. Are you willing to help the cute little Yeti?


Bugah is dreaming of playing with little monsters and he has heard that one of the drunken visitors of the pub was saying he was capable of creating a machine that could transform monsters of Faeo into miniature toys. Is this just the fantasy of someone who had too much Shiz Beer or is there any truth in it. Could you ever disappoint the poor little Yeti after having looked into his big eyes?


Warriors from level 6 who would like to help Bugah to receive the toys of his dreams should speak to  Mary in her Tavern in Baurvil Hamlet or to  Givens in the Gurraldiy's Head in the County Vurdaliya.

Author: Cross Knight, editor note: Cross Knight

11. Booyaka 05.10.2011 17:12
6 lvl ;( no comment
12. ikke1990 05.10.2011 17:25
Undoing the canvas sack given by Bugah, you discover a mass of interesting items­ inside, including Emerald Charm 1 pcs, Cake 10 pcs, Chocolate 30 pcs.
13. _Tatt_ 05.10.2011 19:07
another bottomless pit for throwing your cash into by the sounds of it
14. hellrocker28 05.10.2011 19:10
Okay its enough, how about gifting this one cutie, with Yvil[31]­ Statuette? OR _Malle_'s Sword? OR Cross Knights great gift to all­ players " Click on Error! In menu bar, and click option Delete­ obsolete files and clear IE cache." scripted on Malles sword or yvil's­ statuette? What ya say peeps?
15. Deargdoom89 05.10.2011 19:26
do you have to get all the toys or just 1 of them?.. lol and i am guessing the­ harder the toy the better the reward if it is only 1 XD
16. Dark Soul 05.10.2011 19:58
they are all lvl 6 mobs. only different i think: gordts and gungls­ love calling their friends
17. Queen of Death 06.10.2011 03:22
Toys for Bugah A young Yeti saw some village children with some toys,­ and now all he can think of is these amusing little toys. Mary wants to pamper­ Bugah and get him the same toys. Passed: Ask Globius about the way to­ reduce monsters. Current goal: After killing Agudar the Knight [6] in the­ Palaces of King Magish, obtainAgudar's helmet. Then bring the helmet and 3­ Crystalline Coals to Stavros the Blacksmith. blah.. no thx i have­ better use for my coal
18. DeathNote08 06.10.2011 04:02 seems to be another collecting quest..will this be like the­ Collector's Figurine quest where we got Eloah's Treasure? i hope­ it's like that quest ever! :D
19. Janusky 06.10.2011 13:13
So I have to waste a Magish run to kill Agudar to get the helmet. No chess­ pieces. :(
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