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 Mystical prophecies from the past12.07.2012 11:09

Warriors, even if the Underwater World is not purely dominated by peace and harmony, the Water Temple's inhabitants can usually take care of their scientific research soundly. But now it sadly looks like that is about to change: disturbing information about an impending disaster wrenched the wise Aquazurion away from his daily work routine.

 Sucht Aquasur im Wassertempel auf im Browsergame Drachenkrieg! 

To get to know more about the approaching bale you will have to immediately talk to Aquazurion to help him collect as much information about the disaster as possible with the quest  "Prophecy from the past" [9]. You need to turn towards incidents long passed in order to find a path to mysterious realms, floating hidden in the  brumous depths of the ocean.

What do Faeo's residents know about these strange occurances? Will they be willing to help you? Where are exactly are the mystical Isles of the Swirling Mist located? Which destructive doom awaits you poor souls there?

Set off to a journey filled with exciting new adventures just for you to discover, while you reveal the secret of an ancient menace as well as a completely new region in Faeo!
Author: Twisted Sister, editor note: Yvil

11. UnderDemon 13.07.2012 02:35
my clanmate is having problem that it wont let him complete quest with green­ pearl what is wrong with this?
12. UnderDemon 13.07.2012 02:59
so u think you guys can rip us off anymore?
13. chunky-monkey 13.07.2012 08:54
14. chunky-monkey 13.07.2012 08:55
me no likey
15. Trabbi 13.07.2012 15:21
@ Nichi, perl gem and gollade perl are not the right pearls for the mermaid
16. Fistandani 13.07.2012 23:41
How many pearls are needed and what type. Please fix bug
17. Hepar 14.07.2012 20:52
18. YAHWEH 15.07.2012 04:54
again boo
19. Decca 28 15.07.2012 16:00
do you really need to be lvl 11 to finish the quest and get to the new area? :{
20. BoeHmaster 26.09.2013 09:52
received quest need finished lv7 main quest?
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