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 Ferns show the treasure-hunters the way!21.06.2013 12:50

It is only around the summer solstice in June when Mirrow spends the longest time in the sky that the ferns actually bloom in Faeo. But only very few warriors get to see the fern bloom, which is supposed to possess mysterious and miraculous powers. Legend has it that whoever finds them will be richly rewarded by the equally mysterious Spirit of Avarice who appears around the same time.

Even those warriors of Faeo who normally consider Fern Blooms and the Spirit of Avarice to be old wives tales pick up their ears at the mention of rich rewards, since greed is not a vice. However, the search for this mostly invisible ghost is not as easy as it looks. A little bit of help from magical powers and some knowledge of the ancient legends of Faeo is required. Who could be better to help out here than the magicians  Maritsa and  Bludaria?


So hurry up, Warriors, the Spirit of Avarice only appears for a very short while! If you would like to get some valuable gifts, you only have the opportunity until June 22 at 15:00 hours!

Author: Hermano, editor note: lososerg

11. neolsoft 21.06.2013 22:37
21:36 You have completed the quest Avarice is no vice!. 21:36 The long­ search is over! You discover a mountain of untold treasures in the long-time­ secret stash of the Spirit of Avarice! The niggardly phantom has collected­ so many incredible treasures that it makes you dizzy just looking at it. And now­ all this wonder is yours by right! Received: Spirit of Greed Pot of Gold 1­ pcs. 21:36 ...and also Marvelous Glass 184 pcs 21:36 rummage in­ the casket and also find Diamond Heart 1 pcs, May Bug Pendant 1 pcs, Golden­ Horseshoe 1 pcs, Cloverleaf 1 pcs, Valdagor Grin Ornament 1 pcs 21:36 ­ ...and also Red Rainbow Stone 1 pcs, Orange Rainbow Stone 4 pcs, Violet Rainbow­ Stone 8 pcs, Yellow Rainbow Stone 7 pcs, Green Rainbow Stone 1 pcs 21:36 ­ ...and also Efril 15 pcs
12. Sheal 21.06.2013 22:54
Humans quest -­
13. Skellington 22.06.2013 15:49
checked all the locations 6times were every single humans found spirit, and­ couldnt find him second time..just awesome one! wasted 2-3hrs:jump:
14. Crazy Freddy 22.06.2013 15:49
14:46 The Spirit of Avarice has left the world of Faeo, taking with it the­ Wondrous Fern Flowers. You'll have to wait until next year before you try­ your luck again. Then, you can wait once more for the cunning Spirit, in the­ hope of getting your hands on some treasure. So much for the 15:00­ claim...
15. m00nt33r 22.06.2013 17:12
i have same destiny with Skellington....:jump:
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