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 Keeping Up with the Big Bellies!23.10.2013 13:14

The most respected and revered Habu love to show off not just their huge bellies to each other, but also any amazing items that they have had the good fortune to acquire in the Isles of Swirling Mist.


Nabu-Habu Bluebelly


So when the venerable Nabu-Habu Bluebelly, learned that his relative had acquired a wonderful fish, he was terribly vexed. The envious big-bellied fellow was desperate to get his paws on something more valuable and more interesting, of course, in the Habu’s opinion. So for a long time Bluebelly silently did his best to attract the attention of warriors appearing at White Reef, in the hope that one of them would help him resolve this problem.



Warriors, the highly respected Bluebelly is ready to generously reward whoever agrees to carry out his request. If you want to know what the Habu needs, look for him at one of the salty lakes at White Reef. Just don’t confuse Bluebelly with his relative Greybelly!

The quest is available to warriors that have reached level 11 and have completed the Relative Ties quest.

Author: _Sphinx_, editor note: Twisted Sister

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