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 A Spooky Anniversary23.10.2013 13:23

The City Fairs are full of joyful warriors celebrating the sixth anniversary of Faeo and their luck in the games at the anniversary festival. But with Halloween coming ccloser it is time for an experience a little more spooky.

 ¡Happy Birthday everybody! 

Enter the Haunted House on the city fair and meet ghosts, zombies and other creepy beings! Do you have the guts to make your way through this uncanny building until you reach the old library where you can find valuable chess pieces?

Your hands will shake for hours after having left this place. Or are you one of those hard-bitten warriors who don’t fear anything and who always have a quiet hand? Proof your coolness by playing the Claw and win great rewards for your bravery!


All games at the festival will be available until Thursday 22:00 Faeo time. Don’t forget the Piñata battle on Wednesday at 21:00 Faeo time.

Author: Cross Knight, editor note: Twisted Sister

1. I ogriy 23.10.2013 13:31
opo iki.. pertamaxx wae
2. --Elvira-- 23.10.2013 14:26
how many coins are needed to enter ghost house and do i need coins for the­ pinata battle? can anyone help pls
3. Wolfless 23.10.2013 14:57
13:53 You have been attacked by Summoned Demon [11] . :cool: a lvl 10 gets­ attacked by a magical monster whats funny its the damn demon its a lvl 12 dark­ kroff .....i can understand the part of 2k hp and 900dmg resist but really you­ had to make them have the spells aswell.....well...that was a quick loss of 5g
4. m00nt33r 23.10.2013 15:20
5. Lady Mahsuri 23.10.2013 16:09
It's 20 coins to enter the house
6. Steel_Lady 23.10.2013 16:12
15:11 The world around you changes.. you see a dense fog, and then - suddenly­ you realize that you were teleported out of the dungeon. Damn!..... 5g for­ nothing .... don t take nothing
7. crammit 23.10.2013 17:58
What a joke!!

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