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 The Sunken Ship01.09.2011 06:36

Day by day warriors cross the Balluar Ocean while travelling through Faeo. This ocean is never peaceful as it is inhabited by dangerous monsters, but if there is a bad storm it is impossible to reach your destination alive. Many ships full of gold and other treasures have been caught by the storms. Now is your chance to discover one of the sunken ships!

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 16)

 The Abandoned Smithy23.08.2011 06:02

In the remote Elt Hills there is an Old Smithy in which the Gnomes used to work. This was one of their sacred places but nowadays it is abandoned and only inhabited by Golems. Now some of the most courageous warriors of Faeo will have the chance to discover the secret of this Abandoned Smithy.

 The Abandoned Smithy in the MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons 

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 15)

Do  you have the courage to climb down into a dark underground crypt, inhabited by spooky ghouls?  Koeshu and the  Necromancer are eagerly looking for warriors who are willing to help. The Fazgrod Resurrected Ghoul, a mad black sorcerer who decided to destroy the world, subsists in an underground crypt that can be entered via the  Vassal’s Tombs and the  Clan Burial Grounds. Are you the one to stop him?

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 10)

 Clan Flags and Banners26.04.2011 17:20

 Warlord Damirus and  Warlord Gidver know that they can count on the great clans of Faeo in the eternal war between  Humans and  Magmars and the fight against the forces of Chaos. To reward these clans and to help them when their members are fighting side by side they now offer clan flags and banners to the clan leaders of those clans which have shown courage and bravery in numerous battles.

 Warlord Damirus in the free MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons  

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 8)

 New items: Chess Figurines03.06.2009 04:01

A group of hunters recently pursued and  finally cornered a pack of wild beasts. After killing and flaying the animals, the surprised warriors discovered some strangely shaped  crystal eggs. 

The hunters' surprise turned into disbelief when one of them stumbled, shattering one of the fragile objects to shards: a subtle chess figurine dropped to the floor, singing in an ancient and strange language! Here are some samples of these astonishing magical objects:

Ater being shown these figurines, the wise men consulted ancient, dust-covered books and discovered the following interesting information: the origins of the Crystal Eggs and the Figurines within will be revealed in due time, but the Crystal Eggs are transfeable to other warriors until shattered, while the figurines inside are non-transferable. 
Some chess figurines drop from defeated monsters in instances. These figurines are not enclosed into eggs and are also non-transferable. The most interesting part for fighters eager to improve their attributes and to get new equipment: when a warrior has obtained a full set of chess figurines (16 pieces), he can exchange it for armor at the   Lumirya Waterfall and the  Tomb of Kings. Just talk to  Dawn and  Shadow to exchange your chess into armour!


Author: LowkeyLyesmith  More (comments: 8)

The most renowned and experienced resource gatherers in the world of Faeo (those who already have reached skill level 150) have now learned to collect new, rare and exceptionally valuable resources! Professional herbologists have now harvested the first crops of Sighing Grass, the best amongst the geologists now can boast of having unearthed Dragon Blood from the bowels of Faeo. Skilled fishermen have also managed to catch the rare Crystal Sturgeon.


Alchemists, Jewelers and Sorcerers rub their hands in expectation of the very moment they can use these great ressources for their trades. Their enthusiasm was somewhat dampened when they learned that processing this new bounty of nature requires Enchanted Teeth, a catalyst only to be obtained at the  Wizard's Cottage and the Seer's Shop.

Painstaking work and the Enchanted Teeth will turn the Sighing Grass, the Dragon Blood and the Crystal Sturgeon into Collected Sighing Grass, Dragon Blood Dust and Magic Purple Ink.  


These intermediate products are extremely valuable  and can be used for a mass production of Talismans of Harmony, Elixirs of Stolen Life, Scrolls of Attack and Scrolls of Executioner. To create these items, the appropriate recipes are required. The recipes can be obtained while hunting the most powerful and dangerous monsters (levels 10 and 11).
Author: LowkeyLyesmith  More (comments: 3)

 Chat with the Mages14.01.2009 13:06

Dear warriors. You will see a new type of quest beginning to appear, allowing you to chat with Faeo's inhabitants.



For those who are not yet eligible to become War Mages, there is still a chance to speak with the powerful War Mages! The might and power of the mages, carriers of the various magics of the elements, is not in doubt. They have no equal in battle and are capable of summoning the power of   light shadows water air earth and  fire. Read more...

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 Cloister of Virtue14.01.2009 13:05

The appearance of a new location in Faeo is good news for those who serve the ideals of virtue and justice, whose hearts and thoughts are pure and who are loyal to the Brotherhood of Virtue. The Brotherhood's Cloister has been declared open, a place which summons feelings of reverence and respect equalled only be feelings felt in the Sanctuary. Any sort of brute physical force is entirely out of place in the cloister and you will never hear the clash of swords or foul language that flies from the mouths of madmen.


Cloister of Virtue


It's a haven for those wish to do good in Faeo where they can discuss their ideas and plans, enlisting the support of like-minded brothers and sisters, and speak with the Brotherhood's founder, chief ideologist and governor, Norak the Virtuous. Read more...


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 Grand Fort and Faytvor14.01.2009 12:10

A long time ago, the diary of a wanderer fell into the hands of a wise man, who was astonished to read about lands of abundance, boundless seas and giant birds. According to the wanderer, one of the birds "was reminiscent of dragons, the other had wings as white as snow." What were these writings all about? More importantly, where were the lands they spoke of?

Described in the diary were the regions of  Grand Fort in Ogriy and  Faytvor in Khair. Grand Fort consists of the Castle, Grand Fort Suburbs, Grand Fort Harbour, Luan Coasts and Gryphon Crossing. Faytvor is made up of the Castle, Faytvor Suburbs, Wyvern Crossing and, leading to the sea, the Ancestral Mountains and Terror Wharf.  Nowadays, every citizen of Faeo can visit these lands. Reliable sources confirm the lands are rich, the flora wild and the wildlife varied. Nature spared no expense in filling these lands with resources. But anyone who goes there must keep a sharp look out, because dangerous beasts roam the abundant lands: Phitzells, Krogans, Gargoyles have all been spotted there and numerous banished and bitter mercenaries, Outcasts, also wander the lands.



Intriguingly, the castles block the route to some of the regions and warriors can only reach the regions by paying for the services of Navigator Luran, in Gryphon Crossing, and Navigator Vezur, in Wyvern Crossing. It is the navigators who control the "giant birds," spoken of by the ancient wanderer.
Humans can reach Grand Fort from the Wasteland of Rest and Magmars can make it to Faytvor from the Skies above the Forgotten Graves.
But don't rush to break down the castle gates - they are not yet open to warriors.

Author:   More (comments: 14)

 Old and New Scalps14.01.2009 12:04

Dear players!


Your attribute counting your enemy race kills has been transferred to your character's internal information under the title of Kill count.

All new kills, so-called scalps, will be counted from 0 and shown in your character's open information.

Old scalps can be used as before - for quests, for valour etc.

The changes have been made to allow for technical changes and developments.

Your attribute has not been deleted or reset! It has simply been hidden from your public information. You can still your old scalp count in the personal information of your character, via your character backpack.

Author:   More (comments: 14)


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