1. I play with my family member/friend on the same computer, can we trade or fight with each other? Can I play the game in internet cafes or other public computers?

Every character should be played on its own computer. We are aware there are families in which several people want to play the game but only have one computer or some are not in possesion of a computer at home and therefore play the game on public shared computers such as internet cafes.

We like to inform you, that sharing computers or playing on public computer can be risky:

1. If more than one character logs in to the game on the same computer, those will be considered as multi accounts. That means, these characters are not allowed to have any interaction with eachother such as trades or joining same fights (Game rules Article 1)

2. If any of these characters gets jailed for some reason, all other accounts being found on the same computers will also get jailed, until the „main“ account, the account who violated the game rules, has cleared his account. If there has been several accounts being fined, ALL accounts have to be cleared before your account will be released as well. That also means that even if you are innocent in that matter, you will have to suffer for the violations others do. Also excuses like "but we don't know each other" , "I only logged in from my friend's computer once" , "Me and my cousin logged in from same computer when we were on holiday" etc. won't be considered at all.

3. Especially Internet cafes have a great risk, as there can be many players getting related to your own account. So if any of them is failing, you will suffer as well. People complain about it like "we don't know each other" , "I don't have any idea who that jailed character is" or " our computers were different, I loaned my friend some money and accidentally we logged in from same comp in internet cafe" - but here as well, these kind of excuses won't save you, and if your account is being found playing from the same computer as any other jailed account, you will be jailed as well.

4. As a result, sharing computers is a very risky thing and you take the risk, so please do not log in to the game from computers that are shared by many people. Be careful when logging in on public shared computer. And always make sure not to accidently save your login details, which would make it an easy target also for hackers.
2. I am being attacked by another player so often, I cannot enjoy the game. Does this fall under article 9 of Code of Conduct (CoC)?

War of Dragons is a war game between two races. So raids and killing are simply a part of the game:

CoC2. War of Dragons is a war game which can be rough at times. There are features in the game that can be used against other players of the opposing or same race. Players are allowed to use these features. If someone uses any of these features against you, you should not complain, but find a way to reciprocate using game features (e.g. hire an executioner, use hexes and/or wraiths, etc.), or ask other players or your clan.

If you feel targeted by someone from enemy race, take precautions in doing your professions in safe places, call for help and certainly avoid instantly resurrecting in the same area and inviting the enemy to kill you.

CoC article 9 will only be considered when you are being repeatedly attacked by players of your own race and without any form of provocation.

Attacks from enemy are not considered harassment and are part of the game play.

So please, if you feel being a victim, take your own methods in protecting yourself as being stated in CoC article 2.
3. Can I use red armour on the battlefields?

Only red weapons, rings, amulets, and bows are allowed in Tallaars, CC, Arena, and Temple.

Red items for most instances are already blocked from system. Nonetheless, in some instances it might not work as intended. This means if any player is found abusing this bug Guards will have to proceed accordingly and punish for bug abuse.

Please pay attention not to abuse and if you find any player abusing this bug report to Guards including screenshot. Please be also aware that using a skin not necessarily covers red armour.

Any red armor is allowed in Abyss, Chaotics, Ancient Plateau and any Great Battle in any location.

In addition: Legendary Red Armor is allowed in any battlefield
4. Can I sell diamond items for gold? What about diamond certificates?
Yes, but you need to remember that the sale of premium services falls under threshold. This means if you sell a premium item you buy for diamonds for gold, the difference between diamond price and gold price is counted to your threshold. (1d=1g).

Transferable Superprizes from Bandit which cannot be obtained in any other ways can be sold according market demands under consideration of a minimum price:

Hidden Face Prize Mask: minimum selling price: 400 /4000 

Gift mounts
Selling price in diamonds - up to 400
Selling price in gold - between 2250 and 3375. Anything above/below counts to powerlevelling threshold,

Attention! Please note the following change to Diamond Certificates:

The sale price of the certificates cannot be lower than the average market price on the day of sale, taking into account the trading rules of 75-125% variation of this price.

This also means that certificates can no longer be gifted to others and all trades will count towards Powerlevelling Thresholds.
5. Is looting allowed?

Looting is allowed, with the exception of industrial looting - the creation of multiaccounts with the only purpose of intentional looting other players without having the intention to progress, advance and play the account seriously can be considered as destructive action.
6. Am I allowed to sell non-breakable items?

No, non-breakable items are not for sale.

Unfortunately due to a bug some non-breakable items are transferable, thus have the option to be sold. So far this bug could not be completely fixed. (non-breakable items such as armor, weapons, jewelry etc - basically all items which can be reinforced with resin to become non-breakable)

Anyone being found of offering, selling or buying non-breakable items will be punished for bugabuse!
7. My chess armour is still transferable after it was equipped, should it be this way?

All armor made from open chess pieces should become non-transferable after once equipped. If you possess an armor piece made from chess pieces which is still transferable after having it equipped, please contact support.

8. Forbidden information in profiles and other game related medias. What are possible dos or don'ts?

1.  Forbidden information: Information that is against forum and chat rules, thus it is forbidden to use such information in (including but not limited to) players information, pets names, outgoing post messages, saved battle names, notes on and in the group search service:

Statements/content which may be tolerated:
- Having a player's name in your profile for comparison/collection of actions against oneself. e.g. Player A cast a negative effect on Player B.
- Positive statements about a player. e.g. BFF forever C&D
- Neutral statements about a player. e.g. I owe Player E 200g
- Unspecified comments and/or statements which do not contain foul language or insults (as prescribed by Game Rules). e.g. Always these idiots, constantly attacking on the island .

Forbidden statements, including but not limited to:
- Swearing, using foul language or expressions, even if censored.
- Directly or indirectly using players, clans, structures or admins name in profile with a negative and/or offensive connotation. e.g. rats, overbidders, resellers or any offensive/hurtful statement. 
- Spreading any false information, rumours or lies about any player, clan, structures or admins.
- Provocations or threats. e.g. Come here Player F, give me curses, mirror me, don't be a [...]. 
- Any personal and/or private information regarding an individual or group.
9. Reporting a player

When you find or suspect a player violating game rules please follow some simple rules when reporting them:
  • Explain why you believe they use.
  • When there was a rumour, tell where the rumour is coming from and why. Give us the sources so we can talk to them ourselves. Everything else is baseless repeating and hearsay.
  • Give clear examples or indicators which give you the thoughts of any rules broken.

Please have understanding that you cannot simply accuse players of violations just because you heard something somewhere or you have any personal issues with that player. Read article 12d/Game rules and 11 Punishments. Accusing someone of breaking rules without any real reasons or reliable information also can be seen as a breech of game rules.

10. Enemy Trophies

Re-claiming an enemy's scalp with other means then fighting and killing him again will be considered bugabuse and fined accordingly.

11. Mariage in game

There is free trading between couples married in game for the duration of their marriage. However, in case of divorce all trades have to be balanced. Marriage between multi-accounts is not allowed.

12. Change of gender

When changing your gender and you are married, your marriage will get divorced in the process. Please pay attention to powerlevelling rules, which will come to effect once you are no longer married. The rings will not be replaced and if you wish to get married again, you need to apply for marriage again and buy new rings.


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