So, you have decided to marry your in-game beloved! Below you will find all the information you need for a very special Faeo wedding. 

The first thing you must do is find your other half. Once you have proposed and your potential partner has accepted, you should choose your preferred consecrator and make an application in the 'Marriages' forum in the topic entitled 'Marriage applications'. The betrothed couple must make their application using the template found in that topic and both the bride and groom must write their agreement.

Here is a list of the available consecrators:

Name  Race Languages
Original Nakia Human  English (any other language via translator)
Meeri Human German, English
Aixlinn Magmar  German,  French,  English
( Turkish)
Unheiligerengel Magmar German, English
_Galaxia_ Magmar  Spanish,  English

 Attention! Please leave at least one week between your inquiry and forum poste and the date of the wedding to give guards time to check your accounts and consecrators to prepare a unforgettable ceremony for you!


We wish you a pleasant game!


Last Update: 22/01/2020


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