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When attacking a character of the opposing race whose level is lower than the level of the attacker, if the attacker's level is 14 or higher and if the attack takes place at the homeland of the attacked player, one of the elite guards with powerful abilities will join the battle. This is true for both normal attacks, as well as intervening in battles against monsters or other players.






Patrol guards


Characters above level 14 will now receive Guards’ Attention when killing patrol guards of the hostile race. While this effect is active, each time a patrol guard is killed, there is a chance that the player will be attacked by one of the opposing race's elite guards. Subsequent patrol guard deaths will amplify this effect, up to Guards’ Attention.








Effect Properties
The elite guard’s presence in battle reduces the strength of its enemies’ vampirism by four times.
The elite guard puts all his strength into his attacks, striking with powerful blows, each of which is has a chance to weaken the enemy by throwing a combination of attacks at them.
The elite guard’s presence in battle reduces the attributes of its enemies by half.






Elite guards have been added to the following locations:



Continent of Khair Continent of Ogriy
Grotto Maettro
Forgotten Mines
Bats’ Den
Village of Maettro
Ice Grotto
Village of Zviglod
Zviglod Grove
Canyon of Immortality
Thorn Apple Brushwood
Eclipse Thicket
Valley of Fire
Gorge of Cherang
Smoky Knolls
Clan Burial Grounds
Place of Sorrow
Tomb of Kings
Forgotten Graves
Eagles’ Nest
Mentaliya Foothills
Ridge of Darkness
Gorge of Gondi
Mentaliya Settlement
Sly Cove
Lost Wastelands
Settlement Angrukhon
Settlement of Faytir
Village Angriyar
Dartrong Square
Square of Fire
Light’s Edge
Jasmine Brushwood
Wild Forest
Lumirya Waterfall
Ridge of Kayar
Vassals’ Tomb
Graves of the Poor
Communal Grave
Royal Tomb
Free Meadows
Outskirts of Klesva
Paradise Corner
Pacifist Hills
Freedom Steppe
Wasteland of Rest
Sleepy valley
Berona Ranges
Barrow of Sadness
Allayas Wastelands
Glade of Oblivion
Foot of the Barrow
Wolf Wasteland
Thistles Brushwood
Outskirts of the Silent Steppe
Village of Kingala
Baurvill Hamlet
O'Delvays Square
Daylight Square



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